The Perfect Fit Knee Implant


Perfect Fit Knee Implants are Customized to Fit Your Knee Joint

The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers are proud to present The Perfect Fit Knee by ConforMIS. These personalized knee implants created by ConforMIS are custom designed to fit each specific patient perfectly. This is a revolutionary advancement in knee replacement procedures and is changing the way we look at knee implants.

Traditionally, knee replacement implants are chosen ‘off-the-shelf’ from a limited selection of sizes to try and best match your knee joint. This leaves the surgeon to make any necessary adjustments during the surgery. Not anymore! Every implant is designed and manufactured specifically to fit your knee perfectly. This produces an individualized fit that is designed to follow the contour and shape of your knee exactly.

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The Perfect Fit KNee FAQS

How do I Get The Perfect Fit Knee?

If you are a candidate for The Perfect Fit Knee, your surgeon will prescribe a CT scan to be done and sent off for the creation of your personalized knee implant. The CT scan is then transformed into a 3D model and the customized implant is designed.

In about six weeks your orthopedic doctor will receive a ConforMIS package containing your personal knee implant and all of the surgical tools needed to perform your minimally-invasive knee replacement. Your personalized implant will be delivered to your surgeon in a pre-sterilized disposable, single-use kit. This means that the surgical instruments used in your knee replacement will be used on you, and only you. They are then discarded by the operating staff.

How Do They Make Knee Implants?
Using a process called the iFit (the ‘i’ stands for individualized) technology, your CT scan data is converted into a virtual 3D model of your knee. The surface contours of your joint are then mapped in the areas affected by osteoarthritis.

The implant is then custom designed to precisely match the fingerprint-like individuality of your knee joint. The surgical instruments used in your knee replacement are also personally manufactured to create cutting and placement guides for your to surgeon determine the exact placement of your implant.

The custom knee implant created by conforMIS is then delivered directly to your orthopedic surgeon including all of the surgical tools that will only be used on you.

What’s the Difference Between the Perfect Fit Knee and Other Implants?

Benefits of the ConforMIS Made Perfect Fit Knee:
In traditional knee replacements, your surgeon would pick an implant that best matches your joint from a range of implant shapes and sizes. However, The Perfect Fit Knee is designed and personalized for you, the patient. Now that’s what we would call personal.

These custom designed implants are the only personalized knee resurfacing implants available today and are designed to conform precisely to your own unique knee joint. This provides a superior fit that matches the individual size and shape of your knee. It also has the potential for a faster post-operative recovery.

  • Perfectly Shaped Knee Implant For Your Knee
  • Natural Feel and Alignment
  • Minimally-Invasive Procedure
  • Preserve More Bone and Cartilage
  • Eliminates Sizing Comprimises
  • Personalized Surgical Instruments
  • Individualized Shape and Size
  • Potential For Faster Recovery
  • Many More!

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