Non-Surgical Treatment to Relieve Knee Pain


Some patients don’t need surgery for pain relief of the knee! The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers can provide hyaluronate acid (HA) injections in lieu of surgery for patients that do not have enough knee damage for surgery but aren’t having adequate results from normal pain killers and physical therapy. Hyaluronate treatments were approved by the FDA in 1997. They are very safe and have helped millions of patients relieve their severe knee pain. The treatment can be administered in a single injection or a series of injections depending on the doctor’s recommendation.

Hyaluronate Acid Injections

Hyaluronate FAQS

What is Hyaluronate?

Hyaluronate is a natural substance that is produced by every joint in your body. In healthy joints, this is a thick fluid with the consistency of egg whites. This fluid is what coats the cartilage surfaces inside your joints so that they can move smoothly. It also acts as a shock absorber, protecting the cartilage and underlying bone.

Why Would I Need Hyaluronate Injections?

When a joint suffers from osteoarthritis, there is less of your body’s natural hyaluronate. The small amount of hyaluronate that is left is so thin and watery that it can no longer lubricate and cushion the joint. This is one of the major causes of knee pain for patients that suffer from osteoarthritis.

How Long Before I Get Relief and How Long Does it Last?

For most people, a series of injections can relieve knee pain for up to a year. Pain relief is not immediate, so it is recommended to continue taking anti-inflammatory and/or pain medicine until the hyaluronate provides relief.

Who Benefits From Hyaluronate Injections?

Hyaluronate benefits people who have not been receiving satisfactory pain relief from simple pain killers or physical therapy. These injections can also be particularly helpful when anti-inflammatory medicines are ineffective, or are interfering with other medicines. Since hyaluronate acts locally, you will probably be able to continue taking any other medications prescribed by your doctor.

How Does Hyaluronate Work?

Your doctor will inject a purified mixture of hyaluronate directly into the knee joint through the side of the knee. By injecting directly into the knee capsule, the fluid coats cartilage surfaces so they can move smoothly against each other and the pain-relieving fluid is concentrated in the knee, not scattered throughout the body.

How Many Injections Can I have?

You can have as many as you want! Since the purified hyaluronate mixture that our doctors use is so similar to the natural substance produced by your own body, it is not possible to build up a resistance or become sensitive to it. After the pain-relieving effects wear off, repeat injections can be given.

How Safe is Hyaluronate and is it Experimental?

The hyaluronate injections are actually very safe because the injected fluid is a natural substance and is very close to the actual fluid that is produced by your body. Hyaluronate is not experimental and has been an approved treatment by the FDA for over fifteen years and has been used to treat millions of patients for severe knee pain. In fact, the doctors at The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers have first-hand knowledge about this procedure as they were chosen to participate in the U.S. studies done in 1985.

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