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Whether from age, injury, illness, or lifestyle, millions of Americans must face a decision about how to address their knee pain and problems each year. Conditions like osteoarthritis often precipitate the decisions about knee surgery Clearwater residents must often make.

Before you make your choice, though, it is a good idea to get a few facts so you can make a better-informed choice about whether knee surgery is the right choice for you or not. People are all unique. There are many factors, including age, income, type of work you do, lifestyle preferences, and activity levels that might influence your decision about knee surgery. Learning a few key facts can be instrumental in helping you choose the option that will work best for you in the short and long term.

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Is Knee Surgery Necessary?

For some people, knee surgery Clearwater is the only solution to provide the promise of limited pain while maximizing mobility in the future. What you may not fully understand is that there are several knee surgery options Clearwater residents can choose from – you may not need to have a total knee replacement in order for your knee to feel (and function) like new. Though some people do need a total knee replacement. The key is to explore your options and choose the surgery that offers the best possible risk/reward combination for your unique needs and in your unique circumstances.

Are There Options for Knee Surgery Clearwater?

The good news for people who aren’t ready to dive into total knee replacement is that there are options to consider. Some of the available options are far less invasive and offer shorter recovery times. For instance, non-invasive options include exercise, physical therapy, and medications. Another option that is less invasive is the option of hyaluronate acid (HA) injections, which is an attractive choice to many Americans living with osteoarthritis. While the effects of the injections aren’t permanent, many patients will experience benefits for up to six months after receiving the full series of injections.

If knee surgery Clearwater is necessary, you still have options beyond total knee replacement, including partial knee replacement surgery. Recovery times vary according to the type of surgery you have, though people who have total knee replacement should expect to take several months before resuming a normal active lifestyle and even longer before they experience the full benefits this surgery represents in terms of the range of motion, strength, and pain reduction.

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Why Knee Surgery Isn’t One Size Fits All

People are unique. As individuals, we have different levels of pain tolerance, different levels of risk aversion, and different desired outcomes from any procedure whether it is surgical or not. In other words, different people desire different results and are willing to take different risks to accomplish those results. Honestly, some people simply can’t afford to stop working or taking care of others long enough to go through the recovery process for total replacement knee surgery Clearwater or elsewhere. Especially if there are alternatives that offer shorter recovery times available to consider.

Some people, though, cannot afford to wait on knee replacement surgery. For these individuals the options are usually the choice of total knee replacement or partial knee replacement, sometimes called resurfacing. If you aren’t ready for a lengthy recovery, you might consider a partial knee replacement that offers many benefits, including the following:

Shorter hospital stays
Resuming normal activities in four to six weeks
No physical therapy requirements
No blood transfusion requirements
Smaller incision
Less pain
Walking much faster (many patients within two to three days)

While not everyone is a candidate for partial knee replacement, this option is highly beneficial for those who will benefit from the procedure and is well worth considering before going through the process of total replacement knee surgery.

In contrast, total knee replacement requires a lengthier recovery with some people taking up to one year to fully recover enough to resume a physically active and demanding lifestyle. That’s after going through three to four months of physical therapy and tons of walking on your own to help your knee recover and regain strength and stability.

Trust Full Circle Orthopedics for Your Knee Surgery Clearwater

Knowing that you need knee surgery can be disconcerting. However, working with a team of professionals you can trust, like the team at Full Circle Orthopedics can make a world of difference in your confidence and your recovery. The right team can not only give you the tools you need to make the right choice for you, but also the knowledge that will help you speed your own recovery. Contact Full Circle Orthopedics if you need knee surgery Clearwater today to learn about the many options and alternatives available to you so you can make an informed decision before moving forward.

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