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How Long Do Knee Injections Last?

Those with arthritis suffer from significant pain. For many, that pain limits their ability to do activities they enjoy, including interacting with loved ones, physical activities, and, sometimes, just getting around the house. One of the potential treatment options for many is the use of knee injections. These help to lessen symptoms. Yet, many are simply not sure if they

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What You Should Know About Anterior Hip Replacement

For decades, having a hip replacement meant undergoing serious surgery with an intensive, months-long recovery period. But while this procedure still isn’t quite a walk in the park, techniques and technologies have advanced to significantly reduce your recovery time and discomfort. One of these techniques is anterior hip replacement, a minimally invasive alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery. Read on

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How Long Is Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery?

The rotator cuff is made up of four strong tendons that meet in the shoulder. These tendons serve the highly important purpose of holding the shoulder joint in place and offering stability, so if one of these tendons is damaged, you can have a lot of issues. Rotator cuff surgery can definitely help most people after a rotator cuff injury,

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What to Expect: Knee Ligaments Repair Surgery

The ACL, also known as the anterior cruciate ligament, is a ligament in the knee that connects the bones of the knee together. The ACL can become torn for a variety of reasons, but most people experience this kind of injury when they participate in sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer. When the ACL becomes torn, the ligament must often

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How to Find a Tampa Hip Surgeon

According to the research team at the Arthritis Foundation, 90% of patients undergoing hip surgery reported mild or no pain five years later. Undergoing surgery is an intimidating process and it can be made all the more difficult by a lack of available resources. For individuals in the Tampa area, finding a Tampa hip surgeon is all about knowing what

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