Hip Pain


3 Reasons for Hip Surgery

Hip surgery is something that seems rare, and often, the idea of it can be scary. However, there is often no need to fear surgical procedures on the hips. In fact, one of the biggest reasons for hip surgery is considered elective from a medical standpoint. Here are three big reasons you should get in touch with our team of

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What You Should Know About Anterior Hip Replacement

For decades, having a hip replacement meant undergoing serious surgery with an intensive, months-long recovery period. But while this procedure still isn’t quite a walk in the park, techniques and technologies have advanced to significantly reduce your recovery time and discomfort. One of these techniques is anterior hip replacement, a minimally invasive alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery. Read on

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How to Find a Tampa Hip Surgeon

According to the research team at the Arthritis Foundation, 90% of patients undergoing hip surgery reported mild or no pain five years later. Undergoing surgery is an intimidating process and it can be made all the more difficult by a lack of available resources. For individuals in the Tampa area, finding a Tampa hip surgeon is all about knowing what

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What to Expect After Hip Arthroscopy Surgery

Most people take about six weeks to recover from hip arthroscopy surgery. In that time, they are unable to do certain activities and must get plenty of rest. For some, the procedure can be a source of stress. Knowing what to expect after hip arthroscopy surgery and how to prepare for the recovery period is a good way to minimize

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Ways Hip Pain Can Surface Elsewhere In Your Body

Ways Hip Pain Can Surface Elsewhere In Your Body Pain in the hips can be a little unnerving, and this hip pain can definitely interfere with your daily activities. Most commonly, if you do have a problem with your hip joint, you will feel pain in or around your hip which will signal you to get in for an evaluation

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