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Would you like to speak to a Voice of Experience expert yourself? Enter your email in the box to the right and receive a list of “experts” emailed to you. Ask these experts about their successful joint efforts with us.

They represent just a few of those who have received surgeries at The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers. These surgeries include partial knee resurfacing, total knee resurfacing and knee meniscus cartilage transplants.

These satisfied patients are ready to answer your questions such as “How long were you in the hospital?”, “How soon after your surgery were you back to your favorite activities?” or simply “Are you glad you had partial knee resurfacing?”.

Time to Share your Story – Join the Voices of Experience Club or be a Featured Guest at a Seminar!

Voices of Experience Club

Pain and immobility had become a part of your life. Then one day you took a big step, had your joint resurfacing and everything changed.

Now you can share your experience with other patients who are enduring pain and losing out on life just as you were. The confidence gained from a person who has been there is priceless.

Sign up today to be a part of our Voices of Experience Club. Others just like yourself will call or email you to learn about your experience. It’s up to you. You could be that special person that helps change someone’s life. All we need is your okay, phone number and an email address.

We appreciate your support and so will the folks whose lives you’ll touch. Fill out the form to the right to become one of our many patients already in the Voices of Experience Club.

Featured Guest

As you may know, we hold seminars throughout the state. We invite you to be a featured guest at an upcoming seminar. As a featured guest you’ll attend a seminar of choice and tell your story to others who are suffering from joint pain. It’s easy and no special skills are required. Check the box in the form when filling out the form to the right and one of our helpful staff members will call you to set up a convenient time to be a featured guest.

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