The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers is a multi-site group orthopedic surgical practice specializing in knee, hip and shoulder problems with an emphasis on joint replacement and arthroscopy. We are one of the largest orthopedic institutes in the U.S.
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Center of Distinctions
One of the largest facilities of its kind in the United States
The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers are of the most experienced meniscus cartilage transplant centers in the world. We are the first center to complete a knee arthroscopy in Florida, the first ligament transplant in Florida and the first meniscus cartilage transplant in Florida.

Diagnosis and Treatment
Diagnosis and treatment of knee, hip and shoulder
Knee SurgeryPartial Knee Replacement, Total Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement, Meniscus Transplants, Arthroscopic Surgery for torn knee ligaments and cartilage / shoulder impingement problems, open repair of Shoulder Rotator Cuff, Joint Replacement for arthritis and Hyaluronate treatments.

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Meet our Expert Orthopedic Doctors

Orthopedic Surgeon, Orthopedic Doctor

Dr. Robert Donnelly, M.D. – Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Donnelly completed a residency at the renowned Mayo Clinic in 1998 where he learned some of the excellent surgical skills that we expect from all of our doctors.

We were more than pleased to welcome him to join our surgical staff over eight years ago.

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Who gets shoulder pain?
After age 25, most shoulder pain is caused by the effect of repeated overhead motions for a long period of time. Read full answer

Who can benefit from a partial knee replacement?
Partial Knee Replacements are designed for patients whose x-rays show arthritis in one knee compartment and who have not had satisfactory pain relief with non-surgical treatment. Read full answer

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